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Future Gen welcomes back Nicola to the Team!

We welcome back to the Team Nicola, who is returning from Maternity Leave. Nicola has been missed and is returning to us three days a week until February 2022, when Nicola will return to full time.

So what will Nicola be doing with us? The best thing about Nicola is that she has a range of skill sets. As we have grown in size, Nicola has taken on the Responsible Manager role with Murray. The Responsible Manager role is an important position for any financial services enterprise. Essentially the Responsible Manager oversees the operational processes and corporate governance and is a standing member at our Board Meetings. Because Nicola has worked as an Adviser, Nicola also understands the situations of many of our clients. In addition, she has worked “hands-on”, which means she is adept at improving how we do things around here in practical ways.

Nicola also has written and provided Advice, and as you would be aware, there are always advice situations occurring at Future Gen. Nicola has very kindly stepped in to assist the Adviser Team in writing and providing a second set of eyes across the Advice we deliver. In essence, Nicola has added greater bench strength in her experience and provides capacity when we all get too busy.

Thank you, Nicola. The Team welcomes you back and looks forward to working with you to do great things in the days ahead.

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