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Future Gen’s view – how we are managing your investments as markets become more stretched


Murray Wilkinson speaks this afternoon on how Future Gen is managing client monies and our attitude to “risk” as investment and property market valuations become more stretched.

When we went into the COVID 19 correction, we did so with lots of cash on our client’s balance sheets, which allowed us to take advantage of buying opportunities at that time.

Since then we have had a rapid investment market recovery and a very rapidly appreciating property market supported by artificially low interest rates, given the general economy is in recession.

We don’t believe that the current circumstances we are living through are sustainable and that the seeds of a future correction in share and property markets have already been sown.

To that end, we are revisiting Client investments and taking profits where we are able to do so and building liquidity (cash), so that when a future correction occurs (a 10% plus fall in markets),  we are positioned to take advantage of opportunities.

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