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Welcome to 2022!

We approach 2022 with cautious optimism. However, I need to be careful saying that to not put the “mocker” on it!

A few changes here at Future Gen Solutions. Graeme Morris left us over the Christmas break, and we wish him well in his future endeavours. Second, Simon Blais joined the Team in the Client Services role, having spent many years at Q Super in a client services role. I’m sharing a picture of Simon (he is the one on the right – Tom is on the left) here for you.

We are also recruiting for an administrative support person to join the Team. To find out more, please click here for the position description.

The key learning from 2021 is that the higher level of uncertainty continues. So, while I have cautious confidence going forward, it’s very important that you always have the ability to call upon our “Reserves” should the opportunity arise or should circumstances arise.

The second learning is that while fundamentals are important, they can easily be erased by hubris and the unfounded belief that what is prevailing today will continue into the future. This “today” bias has been the undoing of many in the past. We hope to not fall into that trap.

Our third learning is not to let social media and the like derail you. To be frank, we encourage the Team to engage in “Deep Work”. To do deep work, you need to remove the continuous distractions of social media, email and the like to focus on what’s important and the task at hand. Losing yourself to concentrate on a task at hand is gratifying and promotes a sense of joy and accomplishment. It is the concept of finding meaning in the work you do, and when done properly, it is no longer work.

Accompanying this is to welcome boredom. Boredom in modern society is shunned. Relaxing the brain and engaging in other activities such as walking, running, swimming, or coordination exercises such as rowing or golf attune the brain and the senses to engage in periods of concentration. Otherwise, like many others, we become prone to short attention spans and distracted by other stimuli.

Hopefully, this trace of philosophy will be helpful as we commence a New Year.

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