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Winter Client Appreciation Evening at Queensland Cricketer’s Club

On a cold winter’s evening, Future Gen Solutions hosted a client appreciation evening at the Queensland Cricketer’s Club (QCC). It was very well received with many clients coming out to brave the cold and hear the words of wisdom imparted by our visiting speaker – Adrian Rowley of Watershed Funds Management.

                                                                         Adrian Rowley – Head of Equity Strategies – Watershed Funds Management

Click and Review the highlight of the Winter Client Appreciation Event 

Adrian travelled up from Melbourne for the event and it was interesting to note that this was the first occasion in over four years that Adrian has had the opportunity to actually speak to clients face to face. Much of his time as head of the Watershed Equity team, is spent on managing the portfolio and speaking with financial advisers. Adrian described the opportunity as “refreshing” and relished the opportunity to field questions from people who invest their savings with his investment group.

Please visit our Facebook for more event Highlight Photos. We look forward to hosting another client appreciation event in November 2022 at the QCC. Our visiting speaker on 24 November 2022 will be Jody Fitzgerald head of Morningstar Investment Management. We look forward to having your company at that event.

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