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Advisers on Tour – Three Capes Experience Tasmania

In recent weeks, Tom and I were able to take a short break to trek the Three Capes Walk in Tasmania. Like many Australians we are taking the time to visit parts of our country and Tasmania was appealing for its wilderness and natural beauty and just to take some time out.

Four days backpacking in conditions that ranged from mild sunlight to cyclonic driving rain and I believe there were over three thousand steps to climb, with the reward being another awesome view. We also had the opportunity to star gaze and view the Milky Way in all of its greatness – no light pollution down there!

The Tasmanian Parks people have developed a unique sense of humour and the comment that resonated most was there adage if you don’t like the weather, wait 15 minutes and it will change. The landscape gives you time to ponder what is important, and grounds you to help you appreciate what you have and how much beauty there is around you.  It also reminds me that what we often have to complain about is fairly insignificant when compared with the plight of others in less fortunate countries than our own.

Hopefully, as the temperatures cool, you are able to take some time out and get out and about to experience what this country has to offer. One of the great positives that has come out of this pandemic is for the first time Australians are actually getting out and seeing Australia first!

Have a great week.

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