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Visit to our Clients in Canberra

It’s interesting that in 31 years of practice, while we acquired clients in Brisbane, our clients now come from all areas of the Nation and for that matter the Globe. If anything, the COVID experience and ability to have a relationship anywhere and within any time zone, has removed the previous geographical boundaries. We have even acquired Brisbane clients that we have met “virtually” but not yet in person!
If you have asked me that five years ago, or even two years ago, I would have been skeptical. And the technology to conduct these virtual meetings to create a more personable experience only seems to get better.However, I digress, as between lockdowns, we managed a visit to clients and friends of ours in Canberra. Tom Wilkinson and I were able to catch up with Dale and Ria McNeill who kindly provided permission to have their photo included.

By way of background, Dale and Ria approached us in June 2012 to assist them to prepare for their retirement. In December 2020, some seven and a half years later, they have “successfully” retired. I use that term “successfully” because in our experience, people can be “retired” or they can choose to “retire”. Our role is to ensure the concept of “choice”. The choice to work on because you choose to and not because you have to the choice to retire at a place and time of your choosing. And while we use that word “retire” often in articles, the reality is that it is not retirement, but rather a “transition” to a new chapter of life.

Transition infers that the journey continues with new experiences and new learnings. If done properly this transition should be “sustainable”. By sustainable, a number of contingencies should have been worked through to mitigate as much as possible, the possibilities of legislative change, mitigate the risks associated with investment market’s ups and downs and make provision for future and changing needs based on the experience of those who have gone before you.

This stewardship is our mission and is what gets us up every day to do what we do.

Have a great week!

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